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2 in 1 week ?!?! (Holiday)

Sooooooooooooooooo it seems i’ve already messed up my schedule of posting a new blog every 2 weeks hahaha, i guess it couldn’t be helped. So it seems you lucky lucky people are going to get not one but two blogs this week ! Fun times indeed…

So your probably wondering how i messed up with my schedules, well lets say i’ve been a busy boy flying. Just before I posted my first blog i’d just come back from Switzerland for a 1 day skiing trip and the other 6 days we explored the city. The one day of snowboarding we actually did, can really only be described with one word … “AMAZING”. It’s not really a sport for everyone and is actually in the category of  an “extrema sport”, but one thing is for sure i seem to have caught the “snowboarding bug” ahaha.

From left to right (Ben, Jas (aka Me), Joe, Mary, Chin and Kaka. All six together known as “Team Swiss”.

We travelled to ski resort known as “Flumserberg” which was about an hour and a half away from Zurich, where we were, but as we were only skiing for 1 day we had plenty of time to travel and explore the city of Zurich. We all soon found out how beautiful of a city it actually was in both the day and night !

Just one of the beautiful screen in Zurich

The river in Zurich was also surrounded by (my count) 5 Churches.  One particular night we were travailing back home, walking along the river and all 5 (perhaps more) of the churches bells rung all around you, it was quite a display.

Now you must be thinking, “wait… i’m sure he said he went there before he released his first blog so how does that effect the late second blog… huuuuuummmmmmmmmm ?????”

Well to that i say, well spotted hahaha, but as i said i’ve been busy “flying”. Well it just so happened that is was my cousins stag week which started on the 29th, for on which day i was ment to post a blog… my bad.

So Where did we go for this stag holiday, now i bet your thinking of some really hot country like Grease, or Spain… well no… we went to Bulgaria strangely enough, now your thing they must have gone to the hot part of Bulgaria… well no again we went to a little resort called Borovets, and it just so happens that Borovets is also happens to be a ski resort !!!

Unlike the first holiday we actually had lesson which made a huge and i mean huge difference, which in turn made me enjoy alot more instead of jumping on the board and praying not to fall off, by the end of the trip i was able to hit the red run so i was very very proud of that and i definitely achieved my snowboarding goals, for those of you who have skied or snowboarded before will know what i’m talking about and for those who don’t, at Ski resorts there the routes you can ski down are colour coded depending on there difficulty. Green = Beginner, Blue =Intermediate, Red = Advanced and Black = Experts only.

One of the most beautiful features of this particular resort was that you were allowed to do night time skiing/snowboarding.

Now of course we can’t forget that this was a stag week so there were alot of drinks and pranks going round so everyone slept with one eye open ahahaha.

One of the best pranks we pulled of happened on the third night. Now the temperature at night in Borovets got as low as “-12” and on this particular night the temperature got down to -9, so we decided to “borrow” one of the boys jumpers socked it in warm water and left it outside on the banister over night … Well i’ll let the picture speak for me :

Now tell me thats not genius !

A funny slash scary fact i found out about Borovets while i was there was that, all the shops and, i mean ALL the shops in Borovets give commission to the Mafia, and on all the shops doors was a really weird sign

I kid you not it was actually real, when i found out it was real i could help but laugh, so i literally “LOLed” ahahaha, i mean come on what else do you do or say to that, besides letting your mouth gape open hahaha (Sadly i forgot to take an actual picture of the sign on the door… my bad… again…)


So this has gotten me thinking what have you guys learn in the new year so far ? And what funny things have happened to you. For me so far snowboarding and guitar, and you already know about my funny things.

Peace, Love and hope you enjoyed the read.

~ Jas


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